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毬志 (Marishi)

Marishi is probably the most independent member of our Hop Family Series. Second oldest behind Mario, He was always content to do his own thing without worrying too much what the others thought of him. Like Mario he has a very bold hop character, but the similarities stop there. Liberal use of Chinook and Columbus hops create a unique piney, herbal, almost minty flavor and aroma. 10% Munich malt creates a deeper malt character than his older brother, and a small addition of crystallized rye malt imparts a unique sweet yet spicey note. The biggest tipoff that Marishi walks to the beat of his own drum, though, is by far his appearance. While not adding a heavy roast character, small amounts of chocolate and black wheat malt create an appearance that is closer to a stout than an IPA. Don’t judge a book by its cover though, he is all IPA and will certainly fulfill all your hop cravings.

Naming: Marishi has a strong will and doesn't mind being seen as a little bit different than his siblings.

Belgian Black IPA
Malt Bill:
Golden Promise, Pilsner, Munich, Red Rye Crystal, Chocolate, Wheat Black
Bittering - Polaris
Flavour/Aroma - Columbus, Chinook
Belgian Ale
Gas Volumes:
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