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朱玉 (Ruby Royal)

The base for this beer is an American/Belgian hybrid Imperial Amber, taking inspiration from our popular collaboration with Heretic Brewing, Heretic’s Revenge. The high proportion of crystal malt gives a deep fruit flavor that pairs well with our house Belgian yeast, and we brewed it in the same poly-gyle style for extra body and mouthfeel. Strawberry puree was used for the fruit contribution, further enhancing the malt sweetness while also providing a balancing acidity. Smoked malt makes up 5% of the recipe and plays a very background role that simply assists in accenting the sweet character of the fruit flavors. This complex beer can be enjoyed fresh when its fruit flavors are strongest or aged to mellow and develop a more rich and rounded character.

Naming: With a little help from the smoked malt and the strawberry puree we used to combine with a little of the sweetness of the malt to give a slight jam-like character, the colour of this beer contains more rouge than your average Belgian red. And being the full-blooded imperial that it is, one might say that this truly is a ruby royal.

Belgian Imperial Red
Malt Bill:
Golden Promise, Crystal Medium, Smoked Malt
Bittering - Merkur
Flavour/Aroma - None
Strawberry puree
Belgian Ale, American Ale
Gas Volumes:
Bottle JAN Code:
Best Before Date: