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とも (Tomo)

Inspiration for this recipe came from a condiment that is synonymous with BBQ in Japan: tare (dipping sauce). While marinading or dry-rubbing meat prior to grilling is common in other countries, in Japan meat is normally gilled as is and then dipped into tare just prior to eating. With Tomo, we tried to create a product that could act like tare at the BBQ by performing all the same functions.

25% Munich malt provides a bready yet malty background flavor which is accentuated by hints of fruit and caramel from a small amount of two types of crystal malt. A base of Pilsner malt provides a clean and dry background for the other ingredients, and a small addition of white sugar ensures that the beer has a dry finish despite its rich flavor character. The 10% smoked malt is just enough character to make you think of the crispy bits of charred meat and give the general sense of being at the campfire without overpowering the more subtle parts of the beer. All of this is tied together with our house Belgian yeast, which provides mild fruit flavors of apricot.

While we don’t recommend you dip your meat into our beer, we definitely think you will enjoy how it complements your BBQs this summer!

Naming: This beer was made with bar-b-queing in mind and to fit in right next to the grill.

Belgian Smoked Amber
Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Munich, Munich Dark, Smoked, Crystal T50, Crystal Medium, Chocolate
Bittering - Hallertau Tradition
Flavour/Aroma - Aramis
White Sugar
Belgian Ale
Gas Volumes:
JAN Code:
Best Before Date: