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若気の至り (Rebel With a Cause)

Beer and alcohol go hand in hand, but what role does alcohol play in the perception of beer flavor? Can a beer with little to no alcohol still taste like beer, and if so, how can we do it? When you take away the alcohol from beer, what are you left with? These were some of the questions we asked ourselves when creating this unique brew.

This beer was produced using a cold mash technique, which produces much less sugar than typical mashing procedures. Since alcohol is created when yeast processes sugar, very little sugar means very little alcohol. It was fermented with Saison yeast, not only because we love the style, but also because we felt its strong flavor and aroma profile would add further complexity to the finished beer. Simcoe and Aramis were the main contributors to hop flavor and aroma with some supporting help from Cascade.

The result is most certainly a beer, and most certainly a Saison, but different than anything we have ever made before. All the aromas and flavors we expect in a beer are there, with a noticeable change to the flavor and body perception. Try one and see what can be gained by taking something away.

Naming: With the trend for all kinds of IPAs and high alcohol brews, we wanted to challenge ourselves in a different way. We decided to eschew current trends and, pardon the cliche, go against the grain. This might not be aligned with what the majority of people expect of a beer, either in its ability to get you drunk or by being plied with a huge volume of hops, but it is a beer with a purpose; a rebel with a cause.

1% Saison
Malt Bill:
Golden Promise, Munich, T50
Bittering - None
Flavour/Aroma - Simcoe, Aramis, Cascade
Gas Volumes:
JAN Code:
Best Before Date: