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古道をゆく (Pilgrim's Respite)

Although we brew many different types of Saison, this is the first time we have tried to brew one as authentically as possible, from ingredients right through to how we package the final product. The base is Belgian Pilsner, with German Vienna and what malt play a supporting role of grainy sweetness. Styrian Goldings (Bobek) and Aramis hops combine to give a classic herbal flavor with hints of citrus, with which the specially selected yeast strain melds wonderfully.

This beer is refermented in the bottle and the keg, something we see as essential in replicating the classic Saison. It will change slowly during ageing, with the first few months being dominated more by fresh hop aromas and crisp flavor, while later tastings will show more yeast character.

While this may not be the flashiest beer we have ever produced, its importance to us as Saison lovers cannot be understated. We look forward to toasting you with this authentic brew!

Naming: The Japanese name of this beer literally tranlates as "going along the old road", which in Japanese invokes images of a pilgrim walking down a mountain trail in search of enlightenment. As a brewery that has been a devotee of the saison style from day one, finally getting towards bottle conditioning in the traditional way as opposed to forced carbonation very much felt like our own pilgrimage. The fact that there is no beer that we would rather stop to drink on a long hike through mountain trails than a saison made the name a relatively easy choice!

Classic Saison
Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat
Bittering - Aramis
Flavour/Aroma - Styrian Goldings Bobek, Aramis
White Sugar
Gas Volumes:
JAN Code:
750ml/4589718740546 375ml/4589718740577
Best Before Date: