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革命同志 (Brothers in Arms)

An easy drinking low ABV IPA offering just enough malt character to provide a base for the Japanese cascade hops.

Citrus notes with hints of coconuts and herbs, with a malt base that doesn't feel thin despite the low ABV
[Food Pairing]
Peppered renkon chips, sakura shrimp with mitsuba frite, charcoal grilled yakitori with sudachi citrus.
Importer AQ Bevolution stands as quite a revolutionary figure in the history of craft beer in Japan. From launching 10 years ago, they've helped to raise the bar on delivering fresh beer from overseas with end-to-end refrigeration to ensure that the quality matches the experience gained when drinking it where it's made. When taking part in their 11 year anniversary event, we decided to make a beer for our brothers in arms at AQ, and the other brewers attending the events.
[Brewer's Voice]
We were honoured to be invited again to AQ and Friends, AQ Bevolution's anniversary event. After 11 years doing this, both great domestic breweries and head brewers from some of the world's best producers are attending in person. We love being involved in great parties like these. Unsurprisingly, the breweries choose to bring a lot of their "special beers". These are often stouts high in alcohol, or very hoppy beers, with the occasional barrel-aged extra special keg. As amazing as these beers are, after a certain point even the brewers want a break, and so we decided to go for a lower alcohol, and super easy drinking option that still offers plenty of character.

Micro IPAs are becoming more popular in the industry. The challenge, however, is to keep the alcohol low whilst not making the beer thin. We went with a malt base heavy on a favourite of ours, Golden Promise, and added rye and oats to give more texture and complexity. We then balanced that out with Sabro as well as some domestically produced Cascade that offers a more herbal side in addition to the familiar citrus elements. We added some more Sabro and Citra on the cold side to add an extra bright aroma IPA. Enjoy - we know we brewers will!
Micro IPA
Gas Volume
Golden Promise, CrystalMaple, Malted Rye, Malted Oats
Polaris, 国産Cascade, Sabro, Citra
English ale