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ドンブラコ IPA (Donburako IPA)

East coast style IPA with packing a peacharine punch!

Soft oat forward east coast ipa with a mild honey sweetness packed with loads of New Zeland hops featuring prodominately Peacharine with peach neactarine and citrus flavors.
[Food Pairing]
Minced chicken yakitori (tsukune) with peppered egg yolk (tsukimi), edamame roasted in their skins, well-seasoned beef bowl (gyudon)
Donburako refers to the image from Momotaro of a peach floating down a river, bobbing along. This beer showcases Peacharine, a hop which, as the name suggests, offers plenty of peach character. We have chosen to showcase this hop with two beers, this one being the IPA edition.
[Brewer's Voice]
In this 2-part series featuring our new Peacharine hops, it wouldn’t be complete without brewing a beer that showcases hops at their best. For this beer i wanted to lean into the peach and nectarine flavors and this starts with the malt bill. Golden promise makes up the base malt with this clean light malt flavor, added to that is a substantial amount of Oat malt giving the beer a creamy and full mouthfeel while giving the beer a pillowy finish. Lastly, we added just a touch of honey malt to add a mild sweetness and color to give a hint of ripened peaches. Speaking of peaches, our main star of this show is the Peacharine hop. Sourced from New Zealand, this hop contributes peach and nectarine aromas with a background of citrus and line with a hint of floral notes. This hop was bred for its thiol properties unlocking another bouquet of tropical flavors. Accompanying Peacharine in the Whirlpool was Vic Secret, another southern hemisphere hop, contributing notes of passion fruit and pine. Alongside Peacharine and Vic secret, Southern Cross was used acting as a thiol Booster adding several more layers of tropical and citrus flavors. This Hazy IPA underwent biotransformation allowing the yeast to access those tropical flavors locked away in the hops. Modern hops require modern brewing techniques, and with this beer we did just that to display these southern hemisphere hops at their best.
Hazy IPA
Gas Volume
Golden promise, Malted Oats, Honey Malt
Peacharine, Southern Cross, Vic Secret
Foggy London
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