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ドンブラコ ラガー (Donburako Lager)

A delicately crafted hoppy Lager showcasing peacharine and other Tropical New Zeland hops.

Crisp and eminently drinkable lager bursting with tropical peach, stone fruit, citrus annd lychee flavors backed by a smooth premium pilsner malt base.
[Food Pairing]
Well seasoned soba, white fish sushi wrapped in seaweed (gunkan sushi), takoyaki with spicy sauce
Donburako refers to the image from Momotaro of a peach floating down a river, bobbing along. This beer showcases Peacharine, a hop which, as the name suggests, offers plenty of peach character. We have chosen to showcase this hop with two beers, this one being the lager edition.
[Brewer's Voice]
We were able to get our hands on a shiny New Zealand hop called Peacharine. This hop contributes a strong peach and nectarine flavor backed with citrus, lime and other tropical flavors. It is quite an amazing hop and so we wanted to showcase just how versatile it is. In this specific case, we decided we wanted to put it into on of our favorite styles, a hoppy Lager. Our vision for this beer is to have it be the perfect after work beer; one that rewards you for your hard days work.

We wanted to keep it easy drinking, but to have enough juicy hop presence to keep it interesting and enjoyable even after a few pints with coworkers and friends. To achieve this, we used a 100% Canada premium pilsner malt for the base. Great malt lays the foundation of any good beer, and on a delicate beer like this we wanted to ensure we had the best foundation for these fantastic hops.

Speaking of hops, alongside the aformentioned Peacharine, we used 2 other New Zealand varietals: Southern Cross and Kohatu. Southern Cross, nicknamed as the MSG of hops, was used during the boil to accentuate the citrus character while giving the beer a crisp light bitterness for body. For aroma, we complemented the Peacharine with Kohatu, a versatile hop that doubles down on the tropical and stonefruit flavors offered by peacharine. This is all brought together by Beirgarten lager yeast creating a smooth easy drinking but tropical flavored lager.
Hoppy Lager
Gas Volume
Rahr Northstar Pilsner
Peacharine, Southern Cross, Kohatu
Beirgarten Lager
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