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夢か現か (Dream or Reality)

A rich stout with hints of orange, this is a beer begging to be enjoyed together with food

Rich stout with a hint of orange that was designed to pair with food.
[Food Pairing]
Stewed pork, smoked nuts with kale salad, fig compote with vanilla ice cream
This is the first release in our keg only series, inspired by concepts from our keg customers. This time, they asked for a "dozy" stout, and so we aimed for a rich stout with a hint of citrus that we thought would be fitting for enjoying later in the evening, just as you reach the stage where thoughts start to get a little hazy and dreamlike.
[Brewer's Voice]
This is the first installment in a series of releases that are designed to pair with food. We looked to our partners at beer bars for their input regarding what kind of beers they wanted to pair with what styles of food at their bars. Based upon their feedback, we narrowed the styles to six, with Stout being the first release.

Stouts aren't usually the first beer you think of for food pairings so this brew was a difficult one. Our customers felt that a relaxing brew that paired well with stewed meat dishes was the way to go, and Lead Brewer Ayumu Hashimoto stepped up to suggest that we look to bring a citrus nuance to the finish of the beer to best match meat dishes. His idea was a good one, and he built the remainder of the recipe around this concept.

The beer uses orange peel in the boil to give a hint of background citrus character. This is then accented by dry hopping with Cascade, rounding out the flavor and the body of the beer. The relatively high ABV content gives the beer its richness and also a sweetness to match with sauces used in meat dishes. To keep bitterness from roasted malt to a minimum we used a special extraction technique in favor of the usual high temperature long duration process. The result is a rich yet easy drinking stout with a hint of citrus flavor and a dry enough finish to pair easily with a wide variety of meat dishes.
Gas Volume
Maris Otter, Vienna, Flaked Barley, DRC, Chocolate, Carafa 3 Special.
Polaris, Willamette, Cascade
American Ale
Orange Peel