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一汁多彩 木樽熟成 (Farmer's Table - Barrel Aged)

This is the third and final iteration of a collaboration beer brewed with Upright Brewing of Portland, Oregon. The theme was to express complexity through balance, and the first portion was released as a normally fermented 3.5% Table Saison. The second version was released 10 months later after undergoing a secondary fermentation with Brettanomyces. This final version was aged in American oak barrels with a blend of lactic acid producing bacteria in addition to the Brettanomyces.

20 months of extended ageing has added two additional layers of complexity to this beer. The oak contribution is light due to the barrels being fourth use, but the slight tannic character creates a slight fullness without being astringent. The acidity provided by the bacteria is bright but not tart, which compliments the fruit nuances of the original version.

While we hesitate to call this final version a work of art, we are confident that it embodies the balanced complexity that we admire in Upright beers. While more refined and complex than the original, this final version is just as approachable as beers we associate with everyday drinking. We hope that you enjoy this unique product as much as we do, and while drinking it get a sense of the layers of complexity that went into its creation.

Naming: As the name suggests, "table" beers that are well suited to the meal table: dry and able to fit well with a wide variety of foods, whilst at the same time being low enough in alcohol to wash the food down with. Saisons, as a style, are also often referred to as “farmhouse” due to having their roots in production by farmers for consumption on their farm.We like to imagine that this beer might be similar to the beer a Belgian farmhand in centuries gone by may have enjoyed washing down his lunch of bread and cheese before getting back out onto the fields.

Table Saison with Brettanomyces
Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Wheat
Bittering - Aramis
Flavour/Aroma - Aramis
Belgian Ale
Gas Volumes:
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