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時短製造 (Time Trial)

Without doubt, one of the phrases most associated with the Covid 19 pandemic in Japan is 時短営業 (jitan eigyo), meaning shortened business hours. Watching this happen to our customers not once but three times during the pandemic has been gut-wrenching. While nothing like what they had to go through, the inspiration for Time Trial came from trying to imagine what restrictions like jitan eigyo must be like for bars and restaurants. What if we were suddenly told that we had to make beer in half the amount of time we normally do, or had half the ingredients we normally use to appeal to customers taken away from us?

The resulting beer is an exercise in minimalism and speed. Our normal production time for IPAs is four weeks, with dark beers and lagers sometimes reaching six to eight. We attempted to cut this time in half, going from a normal 30-day cycle to just 16 from brew day to packaging. We leaned heavily on the fermentation power of Norwegian yeast to help us do so. Hops are all Sabro with just two late additions to maximize aroma and flavor and reduce the amount of post fermentation maturation as much as possible. Despite the short production schedule, we succeeded in creating a deliciously hoppy and citrusy IPA on par with any other we have made.

American IPA
Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Carapils
Bittering - Pahto
Flavour/Aroma - Sabro
Norwegian Ale
Gas Volumes:
JAN Code:
Best Before Date: