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十人十色 -京都編- (10 People 10 Colours - Kyoto Edition)

Made in collaboration with Two Rabbits Brewing, this endlessly drinkable pale ale features Aussie malts and fruity hops

A light yet flavorful ale featuring Australian hops and malt. Brewed in collaboration with Two Rabbits Brewing Company!
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"Junin Toiro" (十人十色) in Japanese is a phrase that means 10 People, 10 Colours. The closest equivalent phrase in English would be something along the lines of "different strokes for different folks" but we like the sound of the Japanese phrase. One thing that was very apparent when we collaborated this time, is that both Two Rabbits and Kyoto Brewing have people from a lot of different countries, and within our Japanese staff, people from all regions. Between this beer, and the alternative version made at the Two Rabbits brewery,
[Brewer's Voice]
Long time friends, first time collaborators! We have known Sean Collet and his team at Two Rabbits since before they started their brewery in neighboring Shiga Prefecture. Their passion for beer is unrivaled and we are happy to have joint participation in the Keyaki beer festival as the trigger for this unique collaboration.

As anyone who drinks Two Rabbits knows, they are heavily influenced by brewing traditions in Australia. As we noted with our release last year of an Australian IPA, tax law there means lower ABV beers are taxed less, which has created a huge demand for high flavor, low alcohol craft brews. That naturally became the focus of our collaboration, but with a twist.

We learned that both breweries use Cascade more than any other hop, so we decided to feature that alongside the 2nd most used hop from each brewery. For malt, KBC prides itself in using Belgian malts for Saison and other traditional Belgian styles, while Two Rabbits uses mainly Australian base malt. Instead of just brewing with what we are familiar with, we decided to exchange ingredients, meaning Two Rabbits is brewing with Belgian malt while we are using Australian, and we are pairing their two most used hops while they feature our two.

The result of all of this switching around is a 5% "extra" (or hoppy) Pale Ale. Australian malt gives a nice clean base flavor, while a combination of American and English yeast gives a unique balance of fermentation flavors. Cascade and Vic Secret (Two Rabbits' most used hops) are the star of the show, though, with ample amounts added to both the kettle and in dry hop. All of this creates lots of citrus and resinous tropical flavor, fruity aroma, and firm bitterness in a low ABV beer you can enjoy more than one of!
Australian XPA
Gas Volume
Australian Two Row, Vienna, Wheat, Crystal Maple
Polaris, Cascade, Vic Secret
American Ale/English Ale Blend