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毬佳 (Marika)

A crisp IPA blending Belgium yeast with Tropical hops.

An easy drinking Belgium IPA with tropical fruit flavors.
[Food Pairing]
Tantanmen, Curry, Masala, Grilled fish, karaage
[Brewer's Voice]
When it comes to Belgium IPA's, it is important to balance the more delicate yeast esters with the flavor profile of the hops to achieve complementary balance. One of the best methods in achieving this balance between these ingredients is to have restraint and focus on simplicity. In keeping with simplicity, the base of this beer comes from almost entirely a pilsner malt with just a small amount of rice flakes added. The mild flavor from the rice adds some mouthfeel and head retention without muddling the flavors of the yeast or hops. This results in a simple yet refined canvas for the Hops and yeast to paint themselves. The yeast we used is our familiar house Belgian strain. This Belgium yeast can produce complex fruit esters and phenolics during fermentation as well as a bit of spice which adds strongly to the aromatics of this beer. To compliment these fruit esters, we leaned into the fruit character of this beer and used a blend of Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Jade, and Sabro hops. Nelson Sauvin contributes its fruit character in the form of freshly crushed gooseberries. This gooseberry flavor is akin to flavors found in white wine and compliments the fruit and subtle spice of the Belgian Yeast. Pacific Jade was used on the brewhouse side to further accentuate the citrus and subtle spice character. Sabro was used in the dry hop alongside Nelson Sauvin to carry that fruit aroma forward with strong notes of pineapple and a background of coconut that adds a bit of creaminess to the flavor. This all comes together as a crisp and refreshing beer that perfectly accompanies the summer season.
Belgian IPA
Mari Family
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Nelson Sauvin, Pacific Jade, Sabro
Belgian Ale
Rice flakes
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