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酸 (San)

This beer looks to meld the refreshing acidity of lactic acid fermentation with the juicy and fruity character of these new age hops to create an IPA that has lots of flavor but not a lot of the unpleasant bitterness that the style can be known for. Golden Promise malt provides a rich, honey like base to the beer, while Vienna malt adds another dimension of sweetness and depth. Lactic acid bacteria then convert some of this sugar into lactic acid, which creates a refreshing tartness. The souring bacteria used in this brew also contribute tropical fruit-like flavors, which are a perfect complement to the fruit forward hops.

These hops were chosen for their distinct ripe fruit character in order to add another layer of complexity to the sour base of the beer. HBC 344 provides a sharp fruit character that is reminiscent of papaya and green apples, while Mosaic adds a pungent tropical fruit element. This is tied back into the soft acidity with Sabro, which is normally known for its sweet coconut like flavors. However, using it in a beer with low pH helps accentuate its tropical fruit character. While not your typical IPA, we hope you enjoy the new dimension of IPA created when hops and sour combine!

Sour IPA
Malt Bill:
Golden Promise, Vienna, Wheat
Bittering - Polaris
Flavour/Aroma - HBC 344, Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, Sabro
American Ale
Gas Volumes:
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