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玉 (Tama)

Tama is a unique addition to our Mansai Series thanks to the use of a yeast in the Lachancea genus, which produces lactic acid while also fermenting wort into beer. In order to take advantage of the unique properties of this yeast, we completely modified the way we produce sour beers to make Tama. Instead of adding fruit to wort that has already been soured, we crafted a wort that was nearly 70% grape juice before fermenting it with Lachancea yeast.

Taking inspiration from sparkling wines and Champagne, Tama is something of a beer-juice-wine hybrid in terms of flavor. No hops were used to retain as much of the natural sweet character from the Muscat grape juice. The malt derived portion of the wort certainly has more body and depth than the juice, but not enough to make it taste like a beer. The end result is not quite juice and not quite beer, but its refreshing character is a perfect companion for a hot sunny day or when you fancy a break from the bitter side of beer!

Naming: Using more grape juice than beer ingredients, this unique ale takes inspiration from the bubbly character of white wine.

Fruit Sour
Malt Bill:
Golden Promise
Bittering - None
Flavour/Aroma - None
Muscat Grape Juice
Lactic Ale Yeast
Gas Volumes:
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Best Before Date: