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されば悠々 (Easy Does It)

A new kind of barley wine that is as drinkable and balanced as it is strong

Luscious malt flavor and full body balanced by a blend of American and Belgian yeasts.
[Food Pairing]
Beef stewed in red wine, sweet and sour peppered monkfish, bitter chocolate orange
Modern life is hectic, and we are so used to rushing from task to task, and from appointment to appointment. Some things shouldn't be rushed, however, such as this 12% barley wine. So take this beer as an invitation to take a moment out, relax, and take it slow.
[Brewer's Voice]
Barley wine is a style with a long history that normally features heavy malt flavors, dark color, high ABV, and full body. To make this one our own, we took a different approach by using low color malts, a blend of American and Belgian yeast strains, and a special processing method.

This release is all about malt, and instead of relying on heavily modified malts with darker colors and flavors, we blended three base and varieties. The combination of Pilsner, Golden Promise, and Vienna creates a beer with rich malt flavors with nuances of honey and toffee. The color is darker than it would normally be using these malts due to the polygle mashing technique that is central to the Toppa Series. This technique also gives the beer its rich, full mouthfeel and viscous character.

We sought to retain balance while adding depth of flavor by choosing to blend American and Belgian yeast strains. The neutral character of the American yeast allows malt flavors to be front and center. The Belgian strain ferments more vigorously than the US one, which helps with drinkability, while also adding hints of fruit to the final product. We hope you enjoy this Barleywine that is not quite like any other out there!
Barley Wine
Gas Volume
Pilsner, Golden Promise, Vienna
American/Belgian Blend
White Sugar
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