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エルドラドの黄金比 (El Dorado's Golden Ratio)

Single hop IPA showcasing El Dorado hops with the very latest in hop products.

El Dorado showcases a blend of tropical fruit, watermelon and stone fruit flavor and aroma with a mild candy sweetness in this Hazy IPA
[Food Pairing]
duck and spice yakisoba, spicy lamb-filled gyoza, braised pork belly served on a bowl of thick ramen
The name El Dorado is synonymous with gold, and for this beer we used a wind range of hop products, despite them all being versions of this same hop. There was so much back and forth about what would be the ideal proportions to use, and therefore "Golden Ratio" seemed like such a natural name.
[Brewer's Voice]
The West Coast Brewing team came down to Kyoto for this collaboration. From the beginning we knew we wanted to do something hop forward, but wanted to focus on showcasing the hops in a new way. Hop technology has rapidly been changing and improving over the last several years and utilizing these new hop products we wanted to pack as much flavor and aroma into this beer as possible. I loved the idea of using this beer to focus on one hop to let that flavor and aroma profile shine through all on its own and to use a Hop that may not always get the spotlight. We chose El Dorado for this beer as it is an incredibly versatile hop capable of contributing strong flavor and aroma compounds. To do this we used a combination of hop Pellets, Cryogenic Hops, and 3 different concentrated hop compounds designed to maximise flavor and aroma throughout different parts of the brewing process. The base of this beer is a simple pilsner and wheat malt blend with a bit of carapils for added body to the beer. This light and clean malt profile supports the hop character and drinkability without getting in the way of the El Dorado hops. The result is a beer with notes of candied citrus and tropical fruits, with an underlying grassy tones in the aroma and a medium bitterness support by flavors of stone fruit and citrus. This beer has a strong haze contributed by generous amount of El Dorado Hops used throughout the brew, making it blend of style between West Coast and New England IPA's designed for hop fans alike!
Hazy IPA
Gas Volume
Pilsner, Wheat Malt, Carapils
El Dorado (Pellets, Cryo, Incognito, Spectrum)
Foggy London
Best Before