Kyoto Brewing Co.

夜の帳 (Veil of Darkness)

One hard part about owning and operating a brewery is knowing when to change and when to stay the same. Trends come and go, as do customers’ tastes, so do you always modify what you are doing to stay in the spotlight, or do you make no changes to your lineup? If sales in one market are going well, do you focus on only those or continually try to open new ones?

We have asked ourselves these questions many times over the last five years, and not just about our lineup or how we operate, but also about our individual recipes. Are they creating the best product they can? Are the components in balance or do some of the imperfections need to be rounded out?

Veil of Darkness, our annual Imperial Stout, is one such beer we have questioned ourselves about. We have always loved its balance and drinkability and how it developed as it aged, especially after a year or so in the keg. As an Imperial Stout, though, we always felt it to be just a tad light in both body in flavor when young, which can sometimes lead to it feeling thin and overly roasty.

We decided to address these issues for the 2020 version, more with a scalpel than an axe, and we are happy to announce that the slight changes have nudged the beer in just the right direction. ABV is now 9.0% and the addition of Carapils malt and an increase in darker crystal malts creates a slightly richer flavor as well as a more luscious, chewy body. The balance that we love is still there, and this year’s version is even more suited to ageing, so we look forward to seeing the reaction to the new Veil of Darkness!

Naming: At the end of a busy day's work, there's nothing more satisfying than finishing it off with a hard earned beer. While in the summer it might be all well and satisfying to throw back something cold, refreshing and thirst quenching, at this time of year it might be more fitting to relax with something a little less cold, and with a bit more body to go with it. Yoru no Tobari ("yoru" meaning night, and "tobari" meaning veil or mantle) refers to that feeling after getting back home on the cold of a winter's night. Once settling down into the warmth of your living room chair, we feel this is a beer to relax and unwind with on such a late, dark and icy evening.

Imperial Stout
Malt Bill:
Golden Promise, Carapils, Crystal Medium, DRC, Crystal Dark, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Bittering - Merkur
Flavour/Aroma - Willamette
American Ale
Gas Volumes:
Bottle JAN Code:
Best Before Date:
6 Months