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与謝野de昼寝 (Yosano de Siesta)

Yosano de Siesta, a Saison made with 100% locally grown hops, is the second installment in our Locality Series.

This collaborative brew is important to us for three reasons. First, it allows us to support the Yosano Hop Growers Guild, a local business that we respect. Second, it is a special opportunity to use locally sourced ingredients. And third, it connects us and gives us a better understanding of the natural world that creates our ingredients and the people who work hard to grow and prepare them for our use.

Picking hops is hot and sweaty work, so part of the inspiration for this beer came from crafting a beer to accompany the siesta the guild often takes in the early afternoon to wait for cooler temperatures. The 4.5% ABV means you can have one with your break without the danger of losing your will to go back to work. The dry finish of Saison yeast is thirst quenching, and the fermentation aromatics create refreshing hints of apple and pear. A small addition of spelt malt gives the beer a little body while its unique acidic bread-like character melds with the yeast nuances. Being a fresh-hop beer, we find out what hops we will brew with once we arrive at the fields. This year we picked Galena, which gives hints of fresh cut grass and sweet fruit.

We look forward to sharing this special brew with you!

A portion of the proceeds from this beer will be donated to the guild in order to contribute to their ambitious mission.

Label artwork by Hiroyuki Fujiwara.

Naming: This beer gets its name from the type of siesta we think it fits in the hopfields of Yosano!

Fresh Hop Saison
Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Spelt
Bittering - None
Flavour/Aroma - Galena (Grown in Yosano, Kyoto)
Gas Volumes:
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