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一意専心 (Ichii Senshin)

Ichii Senshin has been part of our year-round lineup almost from the beginning. Its first release in 2021 brings changes to the recipe, moving it away from being a cross between a Belgian and American West Coast IPA to an IPA brewed with all American hops and Belgian yeast.

The result is a much cleaner, more balanced beer that more deftly entwines the fruit forward character of our house yeast with the citrusy flavors of American hops. Varieties were dropped from six to three, with classic Cascade and Centennial taking center stage. The overall amount of hops has changed very little, but the timing of their usage was modified to pair as much of their sharp grapefruit and orange character with the fruit-driven components of our house yeast as possible. Munich malt has also been added to the recipe to enrich the flavor and body of the beer while also giving it a lovely golden hue. These changes combine to represent the balanced, Belgian inspired brews for which we have become to be known.

Naming: One of the most inspiring things about the craft beer industry is the dedication and devotion its members show their products. While this is an obvious necessity on the part of the brewer, you see it when interacting with people in this industry no matter what their job: tour guide, accountant, sales rep, bar staff. Its hard to think of too many other industries where this is the case, so when we came across the Japanese idiom Ichii Senshin, often translated as "single-minded dedication," we thought it perfectly described the way these people approach their craft.

Belgian IPA
Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Munich, Wheat
Bittering - Merkur
Flavour/Aroma - Centennial, Cascade
Belgian Ale
Gas Volumes:
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