While we mainly produce kegged beer, we produce a very limited volume of bottles available to take away for customers visiting our taproom. We plan on expanding our bottling program in the future as our infrastructure grows to support it but, for now, please refer to the following questions that you may have.

Please refer to the following for questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What beer(s) are available in bottle form?

In general, our 3 year-round beers are available in 330ml bottles for 450JPY each (incl. tax)

*Due to the somewhat limited scope of our bottling program at this time, we cannot guarantee that all 3 beers will be available at all times. Please refer to our weekly Friday Facebook taproom post for details concerning bottle availability.

Do you accept credit card or any other form of payment?

Unfortunately we only accept cash as of this time. Please also note that all sales of bottles are final and we do not typically provide refunds.

Is there a limit on how many I can buy?

We do not have a specific limit on bottles per person but we request that customers respect the best before date (set at 2 months from date of bottling) and refrain from reselling our product.

Note: You must be 20 years and older to purchase beer.

Who is able to purchase your beer?

As noted above, due to current capacity restraints, purchases are for self-consumption only.

Again, please do not resell our beer.

Do you provide plastic bags to take the beers home in?

Because we feel passionate about being environmentally conscious wherever possible, we hope that customers understand our decision to not provide plastic bags.

You are welcome to bring your own bag, and we have our own original KBC eco-bag available for purchase at 1000JPY. The eco-bag entitles the owner to enjoy a 100JPY discount off every 6-pack of beer purchased from the first 6-pack onwards for the life of the bag (note: you need to have a separate KBC eco-bag for each 6-pack you purchase simultaneously to enjoy the 100JPY discount each time).

An insulated 3 bottle bag with cool packs will be available for purchase at 100JPY for customers traveling from further afield who are concerned about spoilage.

If I purchase bottles, can I drink them in the taproom?

Unfortunately, no. All bottle sales are for enjoyment off-site. Thank you for understanding!

I plan on drinking in your taproom, can you hold onto the bottles I purchase for me?

Bottle sales are for immediate takeaway only. Of course, you can keep your bottles with you while enjoying some KBC pints!

Do you have plans for selling your beer outside of your taproom?

In 2019, we will slowly start to roll out bottle sales beyond our taproom. At the moment, we will be focusing solely on those customers who currently buy our kegs.

For completely new customers (ie. customers who do not currently buy our kegs), we unfortunately still do not have any firm dates on when we can sell you bottles. If there are any changes in our policy, please look to this page and/or our Facebook for details.

Can I visit the brewery on a weekday and buy bottles?

Unfortunately not. The taproom is only open on weekends and we do not sell merchandise or bottles outside of taproom hours.

I am visiting Kyoto. Can you please ship me my bottles?

Unfortunately not. Bottles purchased at our taproom are for takeaway and cannot be shipped to you.

Why is the availability of bottles so limited?

While we are trying our best to maintain supply, the limited capacity of our bottling machine means that we unfortunately cannot guarantee that bottled beers will always be available for purchase.

Will I be able to buy your eco-bag even if the bottles sell out?

Yes, while supplies last. Furthermore, you will also be entitled to the 100JPY discount off of every KBC 6-bottle purchase.

What is your return policy on bottles?

If the bottle is defective (ex: chipped) in any manner or if you find something wrong with the beer, please return the bottle when the taproom is next open and we will happily replace it for you.

If the bottled product you wish to exchange is currently out of stock, we ask that you choose a product currently available. Your understanding is appreciated.

Do you re-use your bottles? Should I return them to you?

The infrastructure and space necessary for properly sanitising and returning bottles is beyond our capacity. As such, our bottles are one-time use. After enjoying our beer, please properly recycle the bottle.