Growler fills started at KBC in June 2018 to enable customers visiting our taproom to take home seasonal and limited release beers.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about growlers. Any changes to these policies will be updated here as they are made.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a growler?

A growler is a receptacle used to fill draft beer for off-site consumption and can be refilled as frequently as you like. At KBC, growler fills are possible during our weekend taproom hours.

How much does the growler cost?

KBC 1000ml glass growlers are available for 1000JPY.

Please note that this does not include the cost to fill up a growler

How much does it cost to fill the growler?

1000ml growler fills will cost either 1500JPY or 2000JPY depending upon the beer. Please refer to our menu board in the taproom for pricing details.

The max volume of the growler vessel is 1000ml; however, when filling the growler with beer, we purposely inject CO2 to the beer at the very end of the pour so the beer foams over to reduce amount of oxygen entering the growler and prolonging the freshness of beer. As a result, the final fill volume will slightly vary.

What is the best way to care for my growler so I can reuse it over and over?

Please read here for more details about how to care for your growler.

Are caps reusable?

Caps are much more difficult to keep clean and sanitary than bottles, so please recycle them after you finish your beer. We will provide new cap with every growler fill. If you can’t recycle your cap properly, please feel free to bring it to the brewery and we will do so for you.

I’m coming over with my KBC growler but I forgot to clean it. Will you clean it for me? Can I exchange it?

Cleaning the growler is the responsibility of the customer. Thus, we reserve the right to refuse filling growlers that aren’t clean, and dirty growlers can not be exchanged for clean ones. Growlers will be given a visual inspection prior to filling and must be clean, free of residue, not smell of residual beer, soap, or mold, and must not be chipped or cracked.

I already have a growler from another brewery or a non-branded one. If I bring it, will you fill it for me?

We use a machine to fill our growlers to ensure the best quality possible. Until we get a better sense of its compatibility with other bottles, filling is restricted to KBC-specific growlers.

How do I know what beers will be available for growler fills?

There is a growler menu board at our taproom, and this information will be updated on our Facebook page each Friday so you know what will be available before you come. If you don’t already, please follow us there for the most recent updates.

Once beer is poured into a growler, how long does it stay fresh?

Once filled, please keep your growler refrigerated at all times. For the freshest taste, please enjoy the beer within 7 days of filling. Furthermore, once the growler has been opened, please drink it within 24 hours of opening.

Is there a limit on how many growlers I can buy?

There is currently no limit on the number of growlers you can buy.

Who is able to purchase your beer?

Purchases are for self-consumption only. Please do not resell our beer.

If I purchase a growler, can I drink it in the taproom?

Due to Japanese alcohol taxation regulations, unfortunately all growlers sales are for off-site enjoyment only. Thank you for your understanding!

I plan on having a few pints in your taproom during my visit. Can you hold onto my growler purchase for me?

Due to Japanese alcohol taxation regulations, growlers and bottles are for immediate takeaway only. Purchasing growlers and bottles just prior to leaving will also ensure the beer remains in the best condition as possible.

Can I visit the brewery on a weekday?

Unfortunately not. The taproom is only open on weekends and we do not sell items outside of taproom hours.

I am visiting Kyoto. Can you please ship me whatever I purchase in your taproom?

Unfortunately not. Items purchased at our taproom are for takeaway and cannot be shipped to you.

Will I be able to buy your growler even if I don’t want to fill it up?

Yes. Buying a growler does not mean you have to fill it with beer.

Do you provide plastic bags to take the beer home in?

Because we feel passionate about being environmentally conscious wherever possible, we hope that customers understand our decision to not provide plastic bags.

You are welcome to bring your own bag, and our own original KBC eco-bags are available for purchase at 1000JPY and conveniently hold two growlers side by side. Regardless of what kind of bag you use, please keep the growler out of direct sunlight and refrigerate it as soon as possible.

An insulated bag with cool packs will be available for purchase at 100JPY for customers traveling from further afield who are concerned about spoilage. Each bag will hold one growler.

What is your return policy on growlers?

Due to the nature of growlers, we cannot offer returns on beer poured into growlers. Furthermore, growler bottles that have been taken off-site can not be returned or exchanged.