A Welshman, a Canadian, and an American walk into a bar...it sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it actually captures the beginnings of KBC pretty accurately.

Despite being from wildly different backgrounds, the three of us were united in Aomori, Japan, of all places and forged a friendship over snowboarding and seemingly weekly “research” sessions regarding the nuances (or lack there of) of Japanese macro lager.

While our research affirmed that Japanese macro lager wasn’t the perfect beer (especially for the really LONG “research” sessions), the idea for a brewery didn’t come until much later after Chris had begun to research brewing beer more seriously and Paul was studying to get an MBA. It didn’t take much convincing to get Ben on board, and after 10 years of friendship in Japan, the ball was rolling on getting KBC off the ground.


So where did Kyoto come into all of this?

Never mind Japan, there is no city in the world that has a stronger artisanal history or particularity about quality and flavour. Kyoto has retained an appreciation for tradition, whilst also embracing and developing fusion cuisine and modern, yet subtle design.

After 7 years living in the city, Chris strongly believe that there wasn't a better place for a company determined to create a product that focuses on a well crafted, nuanced, complex, balanced fusion of different culture's ingredients and techniques, and was keen to stay and start the company here.

With Chris being Kyoto Brewing Co.'s own artisan, who are we to argue with him?