Kyoto Brewing Co.

夏の気まぐれ 2018 (Natsu no Kimagure 2018)

Beginning with this year’s 'Natsu no Kimagure', we are looking to focus the beer around one particular variety of hop and build the recipe to showcase it while also brewing something that fits in well with the season. While we have received a few new hops lately, a session IPA seemed like the perfect way to try out one of the most exciting: Idaho 7.

This hop is still new enough to the brewing scene that there isn’t a whole lot of information available about it. We liked the descriptions we could find though, which seemed to focus on orange and grapefruit zest and tropical fruit with hints of pine and black tea. We looked to support this with one of our favourite hops, Simcoe, which has a very unique piney, resinous, and almost berry like fruit character.

To prevent the hops from being too aggressive, we looked to some malt tricks we learned through the recent 'Fuyu no Kimagure', using a hefty amount of wheat and oats for a full and silky mouthfeel. At just 4.0% this beer brings together all the great things you want in a session IPA: hop flavour, aroma, bitterness, and just enough luscious malt!

Style: Session IPA

Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Wheat, Oat

Bittering: Columbus
Flavour/Aroma: Belma, Simcoe, Idaho 7

Yeast: American Ale

ABV: 4.0%

IBU: 25

Gas Volumes: 2.5