Kyoto Brewing Co.

春夏秋冬 - 夏 2019 (Shunkashuto - Summer 2019)

While Kyoto is renowned for its temples, peaceful gardens, and heritage, there is one other aspect that it is quite famous for: the unrelenting heat and humidity of the summer. Locals blame it on the fact that the city is located in a basin surrounded by mountains, and watching the morning weather report on TV usually shows temperatures here 1-2 degrees higher than anywhere else in the reason. Whatever, the cause, the last thing you want to be drinking is a heavy, full bodied sweet beverage.

That was the inspiration for this year’s Shunkashuto (Four Seasons) Summer Saison. Modeled after a loose interpretation of a Gose, the beer is incredibly simple. The malt is a 2:1 ratio of Pilsner base malt and malted wheat creating a simple and slightly grainy base flavor. The wort was then soured with lactic acid bacteria that creates a slight citrusy character and fermented with Saison yeast for a peppery and dry finish. Hops are 100% Amarillo, whose soft and pleasing orange/grapefruit like flavor and aroma pairs very well with the acidity of the beer. This combination on a hot and sticky night in the city is a no brainer!

Sour Saison
Pilsner, Wheat
Bittering - None
Flavour/Aroma - Amarillo
Belle Saison
Gas Volumes: