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賢者の意思 (Alchemist's Resolve)

An exceptionally refreshing and crisp lager with notes of herbs and spice

With herbal and spicy hop notes, this light and refreshing unfiltered and unpasteurised lager features the characteristics of a young lager, with just enough bitterness to satisfy.
[Food Pairing]
Fish carpaccio, Acqua pazza, fish & chips
Zoigl is a style that has been brewed for hundreds of years in breweries jointly owned by the Oberpfalz region and its people since medieval times.

The wort is made centrally, and the brewer then takes the wort and finishes the beer according to his own recipe to his home or store, transfers it to a fermentation tank, and finishes the beer on his own. Once completed, a star called a Zoiglstar is hung in front of his store and the beer is then served it to the local customers dropping in.

This star is a six-pointed star made up of two triangles, one representing fire, earth, and air, and the other representing water, malt, and hops, which make up beer. This sign symbolises the style in this region.

The community that creates this liquid gold is a still living type of alchemy in our eyes, keeping a mysterious tradition going, and putting it above modern techniques, and intertwined with their own culture and philosophy. Maintaining such a lifestyle takes passion and determination, and so we created this beer as a tribute to these brewers, and their unwavering will.
[Brewer's Voice]
Zoigl Bier is a bottom fermenting beer, which is brewed in five towns in the Oberpfalz region in the state of Bavaria. Zoigl has been brewed for over 500 years. Traditionally brewed in Community brew houses where each Zoigl is brewed using the same methods. Though brewed using the same methods, each Zoigl tastes unique. Zoigl that is ready to drink is advertised outside a brewers house or pub using a Zoigl star. Back in Canada I was able to drink my first Zoigl. It was a very clean and easy drinking beer which really resonated with me. Trying to recreate that taste and feeling was tough but I believe I was able to create a interesting zoigl without the minimum lagering time needed.
For this "exploration" series, we thought brewing a beer that is quite rare and specific would be a fun and interesting challenge for us. Having attempted it, we really like the balance of herb and spice notes, the balance with enough bitterness, and while it's crisp and dry, the beer is not super clear, retaining enough character in its unfiltered form.

We recommend enjoying it with a range of foods, but especially a light appetiser such as carpaccio.
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pilsner,vienna,munich,wheat malt,sour
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