Kyoto Brewing Co.

暗緑物質 (Dark Green Matter)

When we set out to make this beer, we were wading a bit into uncharted territory, not only with the type of hops and their usage but also by looking to achieve a balance through a more pronounced malt presence.

For hops, we put the focus on one of our favourite varieties of late: Ekuanot. Blending both pellet and Cryo hops highlights its stone fruit like flavour and aroma without the vegetal green character that can come with excessive use of pellet or whole leaf hops. In the end, we wound up using more than 10 grams of hops per litre, nearly 1.5 times as much as Nagomi and twice as much as our typical IPAs! The malt base is European pale ale which has a much maltier and deeper set of flavours than the typical Pilsner malt we use as a base for many of our beers or the North American verities that tend to typify IPAs, giving an extra layer of complexity to tie in with the hops and prevent them from feeling overly harsh. While we hope you enjoy this unique DIPA, please do so in moderation as the 8.5% ABV will catch up with you quickly!

Naming: Scientists suspect there is an unknown force in the universe that binds it all together. Something that can’t yet be observed by current scientific methods but the effect of which is undeniable. Dark matter you say? Not in our universe! Instead it is the mysteries of the hop that binds the beer world together. Behold the wonder of Dark Green Matter!!

Double IPA
Malt Bill:
Pale Ale, Munich, Crystal T50/dd>
Bittering - Columbus
Flavour/Aroma -Mosaic, Simcoe, Ekuanot, Ekuanot (Cryo)
American Ale
Gas Volumes: