Kyoto Brewing Co.

ベルギーからの諜報員 (Spy from Belgium)

1 bar limited to 1x kegs max

The last beer to be released in our recent string of hop experimentation beers is 'Berugii kara no Chouhouin' ("Spy from Belgium"), a Belgian-inspired amber ale made from 100% Belgian malt and 100% French hops.

A recent visit to Belgium showed us that there seems to be a sharp divide there between old-style and new-style Belgian brewing, with the former cherishing traditional methods and yeast-focused beers, while the latter incorporates more influence from the new myriad of styles and hop flavours mainly emanating from the craft beer revolution in the United States. This release embodies that dichotomy, with rich malt and yeast character typical of Belgian amber styles balanced by bitterness and fruity berry like aroma reminiscent of an American amber ale.

Naming: For all the Belgian malts and yeast, as well as French hops, that went into creating this beer, the bitterness and aroma put it closer to an amber ale from across the Atlantic. In other words, this beer is acting as an American but, ultimately, it has all the genetic makeup of a European. The beer also coincided with Paul and Chris's visit to Belgium and so we thought the theme of going overseas between Belgium and North America was a fun one!

Style: Belgian-inspired Amber Ale

Malt Bill:
Pilsner (Belgium), Biscuit Malt (Belgium), Cara 50 (Belgium), Special B (Belgium)

Bittering: Warrior
Flavor/Aroma: Mistral (France), Triskel (France), Barb Rouge (France)

Yeast: US-05 Belgian Ardennes

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 25

Gas Volumes: 2.2