Kyoto Brewing Co.

冬の気まぐれ 2019 (Fuyu no Kimagure 2019)

While past versions of Fuyu no Kimagure focused on being light but hoppy, this year we put a more emphasis on leaving a touch more malt character with the addition of Vienna malt and a fair portion of malted wheat. Coaxing these flavors out of the malt means there is a bit more body and depth for the hops to rest upon and keeps the beer from feeling too one dimensional. The Kimagure series is always a playground for hoppiness, and Denali takes center stage this year. A newcomer to the hop market and previously only known by the less than mouthwatering moniker “06277,” this hop is a unique combination of intense tropical fruit with a hint of herbal, almost grassy character. This rides on the malt character in Fuyu no Kimagure to create nuances of ripe fruit and citrus. In a season of year end and new year’s parties, we hope this becomes your go to brew!

Session IPA
Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Wheat, Vienna
Bittering - None
Flavour/Aroma - Columbus, Chinook, Denali
American Ale
Gas Volumes: