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一期一会 (Ichigo Ichie)

Ichigo Ichie was the first beer added to our year-round lineup and has come to be the one that is most associated with Kyoto Brewing Co. While the recipe has undergone a facelift to coincide with its first release in January 2021, the beer remains true to its hybrid American and Belgian roots.

In many ways, the founding of Kyoto Brewing Co. can be attributed to the Saison style. Our interpretation of this traditional Belgian brew combines all of the aspects we love about it: dry and highly drinkable, with a simple complexity that comes from a unique balancing of malt, hops, and yeast without any one taking center stage. Its refreshing citrus aromas come from our house Belgian yeast and a combination of American and New Zealand hops. It’s the perfect companion to any situation that calls for a beer, whether on the dinner table, with friends at your favorite bar, or at the beach.

Naming: Ichigo Ichie is a Japanese idiom that is often translated as "each moment only once," stressing the importance of valuing each encounter between people. The origins of the phrase are rooted in the tea ceremony where it emphasizes the duty on the part of the host to strive to give their entirety to ensure the greatest experience possible for the guest as there is no guarantee they will have the chance to entertain the guest under the same circumstances ever again. This is how we feel about the beers we produce--we may only have one chance to share them with someone, so we give our all every time we make it.

Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Wheat
Bittering - Merkur
Flavour/Aroma - Cascade, Motueka
Belgian Ale
Gas Volumes:
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