Kyoto Brewing Co.

怪奇月食 (Lunar Eclipse)

1 bar limited to 1x kegs max

While we love making collaboration brews, we had never really considered doing so multiple times with the same brewery. However, an opportunity too good to pass up fell upon us and allowed us to do just that with our friends at Y. Market Brewing in Nagoya.

Our theme this time was creating a beer that tastes entirely different than it looks while visually juxtaposing the beers between light and dark. To challenge ourselves a bit more, we decided that both beers had to utilize two of the same ingredients not common to most recipes: coffee and Yuzu peel. Needless to say, this collaborative effort took a lot more planning, forethought, and experimentation than our first!

Our version incorporates some familiar components from previous brews while at the same time trying Yuzu for the first time. We opted for the "dark" side of the coin and crafted a stout with our house Belgian yeast strain, leaving the beer with just enough of a fruity component to match with the peel. For the coffee, we called in a favour from our friend Dai-chan of Kamogawa Cafe (you may remember his beans from Kamogawa no Hotoride ('By the Kamo River'), our first coffee beer). This time he custom-roasted a blend with just enough roast character to overcome the acidity of the beans but not so dark as to overrun their fruity character.

The result is one of the most unique brews we have made to date and certainly achieved the goal of creating a beer that tastes entirely different than it looks.

Naming: Kaiki Gesshoku is a play on the words for "total lunar eclipse", as the word kaiki can not only mean "complete" or "total", it can also indicate something that is so unpredictably different than what is expected that it defies understanding. As the theme of this beer was to create something that tastes and smells completely different than it looks, both parties felt that the phrase accurately described the reaction to sipping the beer for the first time. We hope you agree that the naming accurately captures the essence of this collaborative brew!

Style: Belgian Stout

Malt Bill:
Maris Otter, Medium Crystal, Carafa Type 2, Roasted Barley

Bittering: Millennium
Flavour/Aroma: Falconer's Flight 7C, Simcoe

Yuzu (peel) and Coffee Beans (blend selection and roasting done by Kamogawa Cafe's Dai-chan)

Yeast: Belgian Ardennes

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 27

Gas Volumes: 2.4