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かわるがわる 京都醸造編 (Kawaru Gawaru KBC edition)

Our collaboration beer with DD4D is a sour IPA with a citrus aroma from both hops and Iyokan peel that add bite to this sharp but juicy beer.

Using a special souring yeast variety, we used Nelson Souvin and Citra to complement the citrus fruit peel with citrus hop aroma, and hope that the touch of bitterness just rounds it all off!
[Food Pairing]
White fish ceviche, eggplant and citrus salad, chicken terrine
Kawaru Gawaru is a phrase in Japanese that invokes images of ebbs and flows, and also of things being passed on, and changing through the process. This can be used in a variety of different circumstances, but it felt very fitting with the sense of collaboration, where ideas and techniques can be shared, but rather than just stopping there, are further interpreted and developed by the receiver, turning those shared ideas into something new, or applying them to something in a different way. Through this collaboration, we did so many new things on either side that we picked up from one another. Who knows what that sharing of knowledge will result in further down the line?
[Brewer's Voice]
This upcoming Spring Keyaki we are sharing a booth with DD4D, and we therefore decided this was a great opportunity to collaborate with them on two beers, one produced in person together at each of our breweries, and each showcasing a little of what we have learned from one-another.

On our side, we decided to take advantage of the wealth of citrus on the doorstep of DD4D, based in Ehime, one of Japan's main citrus producing regions. With DD4D regularly using local fruits, we relied on them for supply, and picked up 20kg of Iyokan peel, all freshly peeled by our friends!!

As for the style, we decided to go for a Sour IPA, a style we have rarely made but one that DD4D often goes for, and specifically using Philly Sour yeast, which we felt would be cleaner in its character, and less negatively impactful to the citrus aromas than kettle souring.

We went for a clean base of pilsner malt with some wheat for softness, and added El Dorado hops for tropical tones on the hot side along with a little Columbus. On the cold side, we went for Citra with an accent of Amarillo, and then of course all that lovely citrus peel!
Iyokan Sour IPA
Gas Volume
Pilsner, Wheat Malt, Flaked Wheat
Columbus, El Dorado, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka
Philly Sour
Iyokan peel, sugar
Best Before