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古道をゆく 先達 2023 (Pilgrims Respite - Sendatsu Bottle)

We tested in April the condition of our 2023 edition, (which is now at 11 months of maturation.)

  • Thanks to maturation the perceived sweetness of the malt has increased
  • There is more of a fresh green apple, with honey and sweet white grape character in the nose
  • A chardonnay-like nuance has developed, with the carbonation now resulting in finer, champagne like bubbles

A classic saison, inspired by our heroes

A classic, dry Saison with a blend of fruity and spicy flavors.
[Food Pairing]
Pork with salad, "hamo" eel, eggplant with miso
Sendatsu roughly translates as "predecessor". The concept of this beer is simple: try to create a beer inspired by the beer that first inspired us to create a brewery with its first regular beer as a saison style. Consider this an homage to one of the greats.
[Brewer's Voice]
The classic Saison is one of the beers that inspired us to start Kyoto Brewing Co. While the ingredients for the style are quite simple, the yeast provides a huge amount of complexity and flavor while also fermenting very dry. This creates a beer with high drinkability and at the same time a large amount of flavor. In many ways it is the perfect style, showcasing all of what we love about beer.

This iteration of the Pilgrim's Respite series is quite simple, with just three malts being used. Pilsner malt is the base, giving a simple grainy character, with Wheat providing head retention and Vienna a touch of sweetness. Hops are classic European varieties with an earthy and herbal character that complement the special Saison yeast. Fermenting at a high temperature allows the yeast to express all of its fruity esters and spicy phenols and these make the majority of the flavor and aroma contributions.

While the search for the perfect classic Saison will forever continue, this satisfying brew reminds us of all the good things we love about the style.
Pilgrim's respite
Gas Volume
Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat
Syrian Goldings Bobek, Polaris, Hallertau Hersbruker
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