Kyoto Brewing Co.

夢幻 (Mugen)

Brewed with our good friends at Good Beer Faucets, the idea for Mugen started as a reaction to the often narrow-minded and usually negative perception of dark beers in Japan. Over drinks one evening, beer manager Dede Bri was lamenting how frustrated he felt when he would recommend a stout, porter, or other dark beer but have a customer reject it simply because of its colour. He wished that he could have a beer on tap that would give people the illusion of an acidic, dark, full-bodied, roasty brew, but if they were willing to try it would reveal its true nature as a crisp, light, and highly aromatic with little to none of the strong roast character they were expecting.

It seemed like a dark Saison would be a perfect choice, a dry and crisp style with an aroma driven by yeast esters. The addition of dehusked roasted malt allowed the beer to appear dark but retain many of the popular features of the base style.

Brewed in commemoration of the grand opening of the new On the Table by Good Beer Faucets, the beer will be available exclusively at the following locations:
Goodbeer Faucets - Shibuya, Tokyo
Goodbeer Faucets - Hakata, Fukuoka
On The Table (produced by GBF) - Daimon, Tokyo (opens 3/7)
Goodbeer Stand - Hakata, Fukuoka (opens 4/21)

Style: Dark Saison

Malt Bill:
Pilsen, Munich, Wheat, Chocolate, Carafa Special II

Bittering - Merkur
Flavor/Aroma: Willamette, Aramis

Yeast: Belgian Ardennes

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 24

Gas Volumes: 2.5