Kyoto Brewing Co.

和 (Nagomi)

Building off of what we learned from the release of Tomoe, a Belgian IPA, and a collaboration brew with DevilCraft in Tokyo, this beer continues the biotransformation theme but only with one strain of yeast: American ale. In addition, the recipe features some of the highest amounts of hops per liter among any brew yet released by Kyoto Brewing Company! The malt recipe is quite simple and is designed to leave just a touch of sweetness but no obtrusive malt flavors to block the wave of hop flavor. For hops, we looked to some of the more unique modern varieties with stone fruit character (Idaho 7, Enigma, and Ekuanot) and avoided bitterness all together in the hopes of capturing as much of their aroma as possible. Oh, and we used a lot of them...7 grams per liter, which is nearly 1.5 times as much as our typical IPA!

We hope you agree that this is an extremely fun beer for all beer lovers, from hopheads to juice-fanatics!

Naming: There is something about beer that just makes you feel good, and this brew is no different. Despite its relative simplicity and straightforward appearance, each sip makes you feel happy you have a beer in your hand and that's what 'Nagomi' means; the feeling that you can now relax. Perfect for this transition to spring and a transition to a new era in Japan!

Style: IPA

Malt Bill:
         Pilsner, Golden Promise

       Bittering: None
       Flavor/Aroma: Idaho 7, Enigma, Ekuanot

Yeast: American Ale

ABV: 7.0%

IBU: 41

Gas Volumes: 2.4