Kyoto Brewing Co.

夏しぶき (Summer Splash)

One of the great things about Kyoto is unique diversity that each of the four seasons offer. Winter is cold and crisp, and the lush green of maple trees in Spring are turned to a fiery red in Autumn, bringing countless tourists to the city from throughout the world. As anyone who has visited in Summer knows, though, this season can be hit or miss. While there are quintessential activities of the Kyoto Summer like the Gion Festival, the weather leading from the rainy season to the Okuribi Festival can leave one feeling hot, sticky, and craving a bit of refreshment.

That is the season we had in mind when crafting this pre-Summer release. The soft doughy character created from using 33% wheat malt makes for a silky and smooth mouthfeel and acts as a perfect backdrop for the hops. This time we took a hint from the season and chose Australian variety Summer to go alongside Motueka from New Zealand, coming together to create a soft hop character and lush hop flavour. All of this makes it the perfect companion for a rainy day inside, a cold brew in the shade on a hot day, or on a steamy festival night…the perfect Kyoto Summer brew!

Naming: This time of year in Kyoto is typified by the sounds of practicing musical instruments around town in anticipation of Gion Matsuri, possibly Kyoto’s most famous festival, and the intense humid heat that accompanies it.

As we’re reaching that time where it really heats up, we decided to make a light fruity beer fitting for the moment. As it happens, there is an Australian hop variety called “Summer” that has just the right kind of tropical character that we would like right now.

Hopefully this Summer Splash can provide you just the right kind of refreshment that you need at the time that calls for it most.

Style: American Wheat Ale

Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Wheat

Bittering: Merkur
Flavour/Aroma: Motueka, Summer


Yeast: American Ale

ABV: 5.0%

IBU: 24

Gas Volumes: 2.5