Kyoto Brewing Co.

荷下夫の一息 (Porter's Swift Half)

There is nothing better than a balanced beer that you can have multiple pints of without getting tired of it…especially when that beer is dark! Swift Half shoots for supreme drinkability with an extended maturation process and delicately roasted specialty malts to create a rich but round flavor. Much of the character comes from English base and crystal malts, and the fruity character of the American ale yeast really ties in the roasted grains without letting them stand out more than any of the other ingredients. So sit back, relax, and take a load off with this supremely drinkable Porter! 

Naming: The story is that this style of beer was so popular with the labourers, or “porters”, who carried goods around 18th-century London that the beer is named after them. This smooth, full-bodied beer was perfect for a quick half pint at the pub, a “swift half” as the British say, after a back-breaking day working on the streets or docks, and its popularity soon spread to people from all walks of life (even George Washington was a fan). So, take a break with a Porter’s Swift Half or two on your way home from a hard day of work or a “hard” day off (we won’t tell).

Robust Porter
Malt Bill:
Maris Otter, Munich, Crystal Medium, DRC, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Bittering - Merkur
Flavour/Aroma - Willamette, Centennial
American Ale
Gas Volumes: