Kyoto Brewing Co.

熾火 (Okibi)

This beer has an undoubted focus on malt character with hops playing an important but secondary role. Rich and delicious Crystal malts from our beloved Simpsons Malt in the UK make up 15% of the total grain bill in this beer, with 5% being a combination of dark and extra dark varieties. This creates a rich malt sweetness filled with flavors of raisins, prunes, and dark fruit, underlined by a roasty, almost smokey note that really plays well with the dank hops. While hops aren’t in the spotlight with this beer, they certainly aren’t in the background either. A combination of Centennial, Columbus, and Idaho 7 create a funky herbal-citrus quality that really sits well with the sweet malt flavors. What is more, the rich malt character is able to carry a huge amount of hops, meaning this beer drinks much lighter than its IBUs may indicate. There is a little bit of everything to enjoy in this beer, and its attributes seem to change depending on when, where, and how you drink it!

Naming:"Okibi" is a word that describes burning embers. Not only does this well describe the colour of this somewhat dark but intensely red beer, but it is also a beer that we would reach for on such a cold winter's night, where the chill in the air calls for a full flavoured beverage to enjoy whilst sitting in front of some still smouldering coals. Aside from the malty body of the beer, the warmth remains for some time after the flames, and the last few drops of Okibi, are long gone.

American Strong Ale
Malt Bill:
Maris Otter, Munich, Crystal Medium, Crystal Dark, Crystal Extra Dark
Bittering - Merkur
Flavour/Aroma - Centennial, Columbus, Idaho 7
American Ale
Gas Volumes: