Kyoto Brewing Co.

白い巨人 (White Giant)

1 bar limited to 1x kegs max

While the origins of the Saison style are mainly lost to history and definitions of the style have certainly changed over the years, when most people think of Saison, they normally think of a light coloured beer that is dry and crisp with a lot of yeast character and a spritzy, high carbonation. While this certainly describes the majority of Saisons we make at Kyoto Brewing Co., with this release we wanted to experiment with a higher ABV and fuller malt flavour while maintaining the prickly carbonation we love in this style of beer. To achieve this, we extended our usual 75 minute boil to 120 minutes to encourage more flavour pickup in the boil kettle while also concentrating the wort through extended evaporation. The ever vigorous Belle Saison yeast we have used for the Shunkashuto series beers over the last year contributes is characteristic peppery dry finish and its character dominates the flavour of the beer. Behind this hides a dangerously high 8.5% ABV that belies the light colour, making for a nice slow sipping Saison for the coldest time of the year. Enjoy!

Naming: One country that inspired us when we decided we wanted to start a brewery was Belgium and one brewery that inspired us in particular was Brasserie Dupont. The highly carbonated crisp and dry Saisons, with their frothy white heads, made us decide that the first beer that would be in our year-round lineup would be this very style. Brasserie Dupont makes the classic Saison, and they are also renowned for making higher ABV beers during the colder months of the year. This strong Saison retains a surprising amount of crispness for an 8.5% beer, along with the frothy white saison head. Ironically, the first kanji used in the Japanese name for Belgium is white, which is perhaps fitting for this white giant of a beer.

Style: Saison

Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Wheat

Bittering: Millennium
Flavour/Aroma: Aramis

Yeast: Belle Saison

ABV: 8.5%

IBU: 21

Gas Volumes: 2.6

*Caution: Please ensure you are using the proper serving equipment (long beer lines, small inner diameter beer lines, flow control taps, etc) to reduce loss at the tap.