Kyoto Brewing Co.

暑中見舞い (Shochu Mimai)

With this beer our normal constraint in regards to hop selection and usage rates went out the window. The interesting grape-like nuances from the Northwest Ale yeast is a perfect backdrop for Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin, and Citra hops. Normally, our brews aim to balance the flavour and aroma aspects of whatever hops we are using, meaning that the ration of flavour to aroma additions are perhaps 50/50 or 25/75. That caution went out the window with this recipe, and the ratio is more like 99/1 in favour of aroma! The result is a beer bursting with grape and citrusy hop character with nearly no bitterness, a perfect companion for the dog days of Kyoto's Summer.

Naming: Shochu Mimai, literally “Summer’s Greeting” refers to the Japanese tradition of sending greeting cards at the hottest point of the Summer. The original purpose of this was to reassure friends and family that all was well in Japan’s dangerously hot and humid summer. Packed with white grape and citrus fruit character from the hops and yeast, and refreshingly light on both bitterness and alcohol, this beer is our taste of summer and a message to say “it’s hot but all is well!”

Style: American Wheat Ale

Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Wheat

Bittering: Millennium
Flavour/Aroma: Citra, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin

Yeast: Northwest Ale

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 19

Gas Volumes: 2.4