Kyoto Brewing Co.

底抜け上戸 (Endless Session)

While everyone loves crazy IPAs bursting with hop flavour, aroma, and bitterness, it is rare that you find one you can drink pint after pint of. Sometimes you want something on the more reasonable end of the hoppy scale, something on the more "sessionable" side. Unlike nights out in the US or Japan, where it feels like the goal is to hit as many bars or izakaya in one night as possible, long drinking "sessions" are usually more associated with the drinking culture of the UK where patrons share long conversations over multiple pints at the same pub.

We played on these themes with this release and looked to make a beer with lots of hop flavour, little to no bitterness, and just enough malt sweetness left behind to keep the body of the beer from feeling too thin. Essentially, we wanted to keep all the best parts of a traditional pale ale but keep the ABV under 4.0%. In order to do so, we looked to malted oats and Carapils malt to provide mouthfeel, body, and sweetness, Belma and Falconers 7C hop blend to provide a citrusy flavour, and the American Northwest Ale strain to contribute a nice grape-like yeast character to complement both. The result is a beer that you could drink pint after pint of without getting tired of or too short, a true session beer!

Naming: Everyone seems to know a 'Sokonuke Jyogo' (or "heavy drinker") that can somehow manage to drink huge volumes of beer throughout the night in what seem like endless drinking sessions. And for those of us who have been foolish enough to try to keep pace with these friends, we all know how bad the hangover can be the next day. With an ABV just shy of 4.0% but plenty of malt and hop character, this beer has enough character to please even the heaviest of drinkers while affording those of us with less endurance to have a shot at keeping up!

Style: Session Pale Ale

Malt Bill:
Pilsner, Pale Ale, Malted Oats, Carapils

Bittering: Millennium
Flavour/Aroma: Belma, Falconer's 7C

Yeast: Northwest Ale

ABV: 4.0%

IBU: 15

Gas Volumes: 2.4