Kyoto Brewing Co.

双截龍 (Sousetsuryuu)

1 bar limited to 2x kegs max

We have always had a soft spot for Tiny Rebel, not only for their great beers and cheeky product names, but also because one of our founders is also from Wales. When we heard they were coming to Japan to attend a beer event, we knew we couldn't miss the opportunity to meet them. After several hours (and many beers) together, a friendship was born, and both parties felt it was only right to make a beer together the next time they visited Japan. Lucky for us, that only took a few months, and the collaboration beer was put into motion.

It only seemed natural to bring together our house Belgian yeast with the rich and roasty characteristics of their dark beers. The idea started out as a Foreign Export Stout style brew with rich malt character and full body but kept dry with the use of our highly attenuating Belgian yeast. A small addition of dry figs further played to the dark fruit notes provided by the malt and the yeast. We hope you agree the result is a full flavour, full bodied yet dry easily drinkable stout.

Naming: The inspiration for some of Tiny Rebel's most memorable beer names comes from the video games they enjoyed in their youth. Growing up in the same generation, we always felt a close connection with beers like Hadouken, Sonic Boom, and Ryu. We thought long and hard about how we could bring this naming convention together with the collaborative spirit before realising Double Dragon was a perfect choice. The Welsh flag is emblazoned with a red dragon, and the mythical beast is featured heavily in Japan's folklore. In Double Dragon, two brothers team up to make a stand and fight for what they believe in, which for us is great beer.

Style: Stout

Malt Bill:
Maris Otter, Biscuit, Wheat, Carapils, Light Crystal, Dark Crystal, Chocolate, Chocolate Wheat, Roast Barley

Flaked Oats, Dried Figs

Bittering: Merkur
Flavor/Aroma: Styrian Goldings, Willamette

Yeast: Belgian Ardennes

ABV: 5.8%

IBU: 43

Gas Volumes: 2.0