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白日夢中 (White Reverie)

Our Japanese interpretation of the classic Belgian Wit, we used Kuromoji to bring the citrus and spice usually represented with coriander and orange peel

Refreshing citrus character from Kuromoji and Iyokan peel make this a refreshing Japanese interpretation of a classic style.
[Food Pairing]
Pickled fish, Thai stir fry, sansho pepper, yakitori
The Belgian Wit (or "white") is unsurprisingly popular. It's hazy light color and white frothy head combine with fruity sweet aroma and its soft wheaty mouthfeel. If there was ever a beer style that conjures daydreaming, surely it is this one.
[Brewer's Voice]
This is the second iteration of White Reverie, our Belgian Wit interpreted through ingredients viewed with a Japanese lens. Looking to the past for inspiration was a bit daunting, but we were happy to see a strong positive response to the classic styles we are rebrewing through the Rediscovery series.

Many of the aspects of the original version are replicated here and remain true to a traditional Wit. Non-barley grains make up almost 50% of the recipe, contributing a soft mouthfeel and cloudy appearance. Unlike most products brewed with our house Belgian yeast, this one is crafted to retain a high finishing gravity, lending more sweetness and body.

Japanese inspiration comes in the addition of Kuromoji, a herb-like plant that has a lemon/citrus/herbal character. We felt the Kuromoji addition in last year's version was a bit over the top and contributed to a twiggy astringency, so this year we reduced the amount by one-third. New this year is an addition of Iyokan peel, which gives a sweet, citrusy background to the flavor of the beer. These additions would have traditionally been in the form of orange peel and coriander, but switching to more traditional Japanese options gives a sense of what the Wit style would have been like should it have been born here.
Belgian Wit
Gas Volume
Pilsner, Malted Oats, Wheat, Flaked Wheat
Hallertau Hersbruker, Spalter
Belgian Ale
Kuromoji, Iyokan Peel
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