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白虎 (White Tiger)

KBC's first ever weizen, featuring the soft mouthfeel, and just enough bitterness, to allow you to enjoy the classic clove and banana yeast characters.

[Character] Using a classic weizen yeast strain, cloves and bananas interact with the less traditional Sabro hops, bringing further layers of complexity through coconut, lychee, and slightly woody tones. Enjoy this combination of old and new!

[Food Pairing] Herb chicken salad, potato salad, "fuki" (butterbur) tempura, roast beef

[Naming]An old Chinese saying states "if you don't enter the tiger's den, you won't get the tiger's cubs". Putting aside why you want the tiger cubs, or how wise a choice it is to take such a risk with arguably the world's most fearsome animal, the rough meaning is akin to "nothing ventured, nothing gained". With this being our first ever attempt at a Weizen, our assistant brewer decided to roll the dice when we went to him and said "make what you want to drink!"

Being a Weizen, we also decided it was a white tiger whose cave into which he decided to walk.

[Brewer's Voice]When I was brewing at my old company, I had a hard time adjusting the temperature, and didn't get the results I was looking for when attempting a Weizen. With having gained new experience, with a team to support, and with new equipment, I was keen to attempt the style once more.

When they go well, Weizens have a very mild bitterness, and a characteristic aroma derived from yeast. This combination makes it both appealing and easy drinking.

The yeast used is classic weizen yeast to bring out the aromas of banana and cloves, while American hops are used to add coconut, lychee, and a slightly woody character to create a slightly hoppier finish.

For those who are usually put off by bitter beers, I hope this will be an opportunity for them to experience the character and complexity of craft beer.





Gas Volume2.6

Malt/Pilsner,Wheat Malt,Munich Malt